Professional Search

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Using the latest technology, Ascend Personnel conducts proactive research, sourcing, and delivers only the best, brightest and highest qualified candidates to your company.

Our Unique Approach

We pride ourselves in our ability to efficiently locate and place qualified professionals from across the nation. From CEO’s to middle management, Engineers to IT; we uncover “hidden talent”, exceptional people who are not actively looking for a new job. Our extensive resources and highly trained recruiters all work hard to attract and retain a diverse group of qualified candidates.

Competency Framework

Each employee has a framework that makes up who they are and how they best fit into their role within an organization. The reason companies interview candidates is because no one can tell how the person will perform, based on resume only.

By studying the candidates Competency Framework, we are able to understand the candidates skill-set and potential performance output.


Past performance is a predictor of future success. By utilizing the Behavioral Based Interview process, we are able to better direct our candidates into the most successful positions.

Locating the best qualified candidates who not only fit the experience and education required for your position, but also the previous performance record you seek, will ensure Ascend Personnel makes a perfect fit.